I carry a selection of vintage posters. I do not sell any reproduction posters. The posters have been grouped by use or name: World War One & World War Two posters, Journals & Exhibition posters, Sports posters, Advertising posters, Selfridges posters, Shell posters, London Transport posters, Theatre posters, Cinema posters, GPO posters, Music posters and Travel posters, with all the others grouped in Miscellaneous posters. Artists featured include Mc Knight Kauffer, Gregory Brown, John Hassall, Claud Lovat Fraser, Edmund Dulac, Rex Whistler, Fred Taylor, Spencer Pryse, John Minton, Ronald Searle, Frank Newbould etc. Sizes given are sheet sizes, not image sizes. All major faults are noted, although some very minor marginal tears may not be. Please click on the thumbnail images to enlarge the image and find more details. To return to the top of this page from an enlarged page, press Back to Posters at the foot of the page; to return to the exact place you were on this page, press your browser's Back button. I also carry a number of poster reference books, which can be found by clicking the Books link at the bottom of the page.

My poster blog (http://wwwbooksandthingscouk.blogspot.com or use the link at the bottom of the page) sets out to list all the known posters by a particular artist. So far I have covered William Nicholson posters, Edmund Dulac posters, Edward Bawden posters, John Minton posters, Paul Nash posters and Rex Whistler posters.


Howard Pym World War Two Savings poster Laura Knight Victory Delayed poster Pat Keely Savings poster 1940 Norman Wilkinson Careless Words poster
Harold Pym
War Savings
Laura Knight
Pat Keely
Norman Wilkinson

Enlist Today World War One poster 1915 Have You a Reason WW1 Recruiting poster WW1 Recruiting poster
Harry Oakley Think! World War 1 recruiting poster 1915 First World War poster Abel Faivre Credit Lyonnais WW1 poster
Harry Oakley
Abel Faivre

J. Dodson  British Industries Fair poster 1939 Jean Colin French Season poster 1960 British Textiles Exhibition poster Rex Whistler English Women's Clothing poster 1934 Tolson International Livestock Exposition poster Chicago 1939 Laura Knight poster Royal Acasdemy
J. Dodson
British Industries Fair
Jean Colin French Season
British Textiles
Rex Whistler

Tolson Livestock Exposition

Laura Knight Royal Academy
A. Aitson Pearson's Magazine poster c. 1900 Will Carqueville poster International Magazine 1897  J. Williams The Artist Magazine  c.1898 Garth Jones The Bazaar poster G. D. Armour Pall Mall Magazine poster 1899 Joan Miro exhibition poster Joan Miro poster
Abbey Aitson Pearson's Magazine
Will Carqueville International Magazine

R. J. Williams The Artist

Garth Jones
The Bazaar
G. D. Armour Pall Mall Magazine
Joan Miro
Le Livre et L'artiste
Joan Miro Galerie Maeght
D. Morgan Premier Magazine poster Juco (?) Grand Magazine poster Wonderland Tales poster 1919 Girls' Friend poster c.1925 Tom Eckersley 50 Years of Poster Design poster Chabrolle Mode Diffusion poster 1957 Leonard Baskin exhibition poster Jan Lavies World Scout Jamboree 1937
D. Morgan Premier Magazine
Grand Magazine
Wonderland Tales
Girls' Friend
Tom Eckersley
Mode Diffusion
Leonard Baskin
Jan Lavies
Laurence Housman New Books poster 1896 J. Birren Inland Printer poster  c. 1898 Grant Richards Christmas Books poster 1902 P. Helleu  Ed. Sagot poster Charles Mozley Lord Mayor's Show  1938 Havas L'etudiant Congress poster 1950 Choice Comics exhibition
Laurence Housman
New Books
J. Birren Inland Printer
Grant Richards Christmas Books
Paul Helleu
Ed. Sagot
Charles Mozley
Lord Mayor's Show
L'Habitat de l'Etudiant Congress
Choice Comics
Tom Wesselmann exhibition poster Andre Masson Galerie Louise Leiris poster 1973 Picasso poster Galerie Leiris Hans Unger poster Ideal Home Exhibition William Nicholson poster Jean Lurcat exhibition poster 1959 Lucien Pissarro poster 1963
Tom Wesselmann
Andre Masson
Galerie Louise Leiris
Galerie Louise Leiris
Hans Unger Ideal Home
William Nicholson
Jean Lurcat
Lucien Pissarro
Stubbs & Wedgwood poster 100 Affiches poster Jacob Epstein Memorial Exhibition poster Henry Moore Exhibition poster 1978 John Opie exhibition poster 1963 Ivor Abrahams poster Edward Gordon Craig exhibition poster c.1920 Fernand Toussaint Brussels poster Tom Purvis B.I.F. poster
George Stubbs
100 Affiches
Jacob Epstein
Henry Moore
John Opie
Ivor Abrahams
Edward Gordon Craig
Fernand Toussaint
Tom Purvis

Olympia Horse Show poster
American Olympic skaters poster
Montreal Olympics Equestrian poster
Allan D'Arcangelo Munich Olympics poster
Hans Hartung Munich Olympics poster 1972
A. Zelger Winter Olympics poster 1976
International Horse Show
American Olympic Skaters
Montreal Olympics
A. D'Arcangelo Munich Olympics
Hans Hartung
Munich Olympics
A. Zelger
Peugeot World Team Cup Dusseldorf 1991 World Team Cup 1996 Michel Poort Grolsch Open 1995 Michel Poort Grolsch Open 1996 Slazenger tennis balls poster Babolat tennis equipment Jeanet Honig tennis poster
World Team Cup 1991
World Team Cup 1996
Michel Poort
Jeanet Honig
Audi Toernooi 1987 poster Tennistoernooi 1996 poster
Toernooi 1987
Toernooi 1996

Eric Fraser Alice  Guinness poster Francis Gilletta Lip watches poster D. H. Evans poster Michael Reilly Lotus shoes poster Henrion Punch poster
Eric Fraser Guinness

Francis Gilletta

D. H. Evans
Michael Reilly
Lotus Shoes


David langdon Double Diamond beer poster
David Langdon
Double Diamond Beer
System Bain Marie poster Thinking about a Guinness poster Bos Whisky poster Cheese poster Ronald Searle poster Lemon Hart Rum Ronald Searle Flanders & Swann poster 1977 Ashley Havinden poster for Liberty's Mauzan Champagne Duval-Leroy poster
System Bain Marie
Bos Whisky
Ronald Searle Lemon Hart
Ronald Searle
Ashley Havinden
Charles Kuhn Weber Havana tobacco Eagle Star Insurance poster White Sewing machines poster Cruwell Mekka Tobacco poster Esso Tiger in Your Tank poster Lewitt-Him poster American Overseas Airlines Charles Paine poster fffor Sundour Fabrics Jean Denis Malcles Les Freres Jacques poster
Charles Kuhn Weber tobacco
Eagle Star Insurance
Anonymous White Sewing Machines
Cruwell Tobacco
Tiger in your Tank

Lewitt-Him American Overseas Airlines
Charles Paine Sundour Fabrics
J. D. Malcles
Vermouth Japonais poster John Gilroy Guinness poster 1935 John Gilroy GUINNESS for Strength poster 1949 Guinness Toucan poster 1961 Cow & Gate poster Anonymous: Renault La Primaquatre Sport 1939 poster
Vermouth Japonais
John Gilroy
Cow & Gate
Rene Gruau Moulin Rouge poster Rene Gruau Femme a L'Oeillet poster Henry Farion Vitalis Cappiello Le Thermogene poster Fistful of Guinness poster John Hassall Veritas mantles poster
Rene Gruau
Henry Farion
John Hassall

G. Nicholls Post Office Correct Address poster
David Knight St David's Cathedral GPO poster
John Minton
G. Nicholls
David Knight
Tom Eckersley GPO poster 1944 C.W.Bacon Christmas poster
William McTaggart
Alan Rossiter
Tom Eckersley
C. W. Bacon
Percy Brookshaw poster Post Office information Percy Brookshaw poster Post Office information  Percy Brookshaw  poster Post Office information Percy Brookshaw poster for Savings bank Percy Brookshaw poster for Savings bank George Hooper Arundel GPO poster Pieter Huveneers Post Early GPO poster
Percy Brookshaw
Post Office Information
Percy Brookshaw
Savings Bank
George Hooper
Pieter Huveneers
S.Lee GPO poster Journey of a letter poster
S. Lee

H. Pizer Selfridges Store poster Fred Taylor Selfridges Store opening poster 1909 Ellis Martin Selfridges Store poster
H. Pizer
Fred Taylor
Ellis Martin

Double Shell Oil poster
J. Saha Shell Motor Oil poster Tristram Hillier Shell poster Jezreel's Temple 1936
Double Shell Oil
J. Saha
Motor Oil
Tristram Hillier
E. McKnight Kauffer
John Armstrong near Lamorna Shell poster 1952 Charles Mozley Shell poster E. McKnight Kauffer Shell poster 1936 Eckersley Lombers Shell poster
John Armstrong
Charles Mozley
E.McNight Kauffer
Eckersley Lombers

Hans Unger Brass Rubbing London Transport Poster 1966 Irme Hofbauer Country Markets London Transport poster 1965 Alick Ritchie Mickleham poster 1931  David Lewis poster St James's Palace London Transport 1953 David Lewis poster Mary Adshead Pleasure Trips poster
Hans Unger
Irme Hofbauer
Alick Ritchie Mickleham
David Lewis
Mary Adshead
William Johnston London's Past London Transport poster 1951 Dorothy Hutton Country Houses  poster 1954 Charles Pears poster All Hallows What's On London Transport poster 193 James Fitton Tramways poster James Fitton Variety London Transport poster Barnett Freedman Country Houses LT poster 1956 John Mansbridge Wormley poster 1928
William Johnston
Dorothy Hutton
Charles Pears
What's On
James Fitton
Barnett Freedman
John Mansbridge
Derrick Sayer Butterflies London Transport poster 1952 Derrick Sayer Butterflies London Transport poster 1952 Michael Carlo Kew Gardens London Transport poster 1971 Frederick Herrick Crutch House poster 1931 A. E. Cox London's County poster 1924 Gregory brown Zoo poster 1930
Derrick Sayer
Michael Carlo
Frederick Herrick
A.E. Cox
Gregory Brown
Clive Gardiner Country Houses poster 1952 Clive Gardiner: Windsor Castle  London Transport poster 1928 John Finnie Waterways poster Denys Nicholls Celebrities London Transport poster John Farleigh Centenaries London Transport poster 1964 E. McKnight Kauffer poster Windsor 1920 Alan Sorrell To the River LT poster 1948
Clive Gardiner Country Houses

Clive Gardiner Windsor Castle

John Finnie
Denys Nicholls
John Farleigh
E. McKnight Kauffer
Alan Sorrell
Kraber London Transport poster 1936 London Transport Magazine poster London Transport Magazine poster Dora Batty Survivals of the Past London Transport poster 1924
Transport Magazine
Dora Batty
Zero (Hans Schleger) Winter Services 1937 Beath Winter Number Underground Guide 1936 Charles Mozley Lord Mayor's Show poster 1938 Peter Roberson Metropolitan Railway Centenary poster 1963
Zero (Hans Schleger)
Charles Mozley
Peter Roberson

H.M. Brock The Sorcerer D'Oylly Carte Opera poster
Dudley Hardy D'Oyley Carte Opera poster
John Hassall  A Brace of Partridges theate poster 1898 George Dorival Menage Polonais poster Pirates of Penzance poster
Dudley Hardy
John Hassall
George Dorival
Pirates of Penzance
Titus Andronicus poster The Cenci theatre poster The Rough & Ready Lot theatre poster Rose marie poster Musical Scafers poster
Titus Andronicus
The Cenci
Rough & Ready Lot
Rose Marie
Musical Schafers
Anna Zinkeisen Polly theatre poster 1923 Claud Lovat Fraser Beggar's Opera poster 1920 Edmund Dulac Willow Tree poster 1917 The Geisha poster The Gondoliers poster RSC Sherlock Holmes poster Albert Rutherston A Winter's Tale poster
Claud Lovat Fraser
Edmund Dulac
Sherlock Holmes
Albert Rutherston

Walt Disney Saludos Amigos Swedish film poster Cross of Iron French film poster Dynamite Man from Glory Jail movie poster 1971
Walt Disney
Cross of Iron
Dynamite Man
Little Dorrit film poster Jane Eyre film poster Bad Day at Black Rock film poster Maltese Falcon French film  poster
Little Dorrit
Jane Eyre
Bad Day at Black Rock
Maltese Falcon
The Honorary Consul film poster No Way to Treat a Lady film poster Macao film poster John Minton poster Eureka Stockade 1949
Honorary Consul
No Way to Treat a Lady
John Minton
Dangerous Liaisons film poster The Last Emperor film poster 1984 film poster Baron Munchausen film poster
Dangerous Liaisons
Last Emperor
Baron Munchausen
The Invisisble Dr Mabuse film poster Ten Little Indians film poster Black Beauty poster 1921 London Belongs to Me film poster Ingman Bergman La Honte film poster Ingmar Bergman's Une Passion film poster 1969
Invisible Dr Mabuse
Ten Little Indians
Black Beauty
London Belongs to Me
La Honte
Une Passion
Butch Cassidy French film poster Hombre French film poster Reptilicus Belgian film poster King of the Zombies Belgian film poster Les Proies du Vampire Belgian film poster Dracula prissonier de Frankenstein film poster
Butch Cassidy
King of Zombies
Shane poster c. 1960 Treasure Island film poster Ronald Seale fim poster Invasion 1961 Oh What a Lovely War poster
Treasure Island
Ronald Searle
Oh What a Lovely War
The Littlest Outlaw film poster Evil Under the Sun film poster Tom Thumb film poster Orfeu Negro (Black Orfeus) poster
Littlest Outlaw
Evil Under the Sun
Tom Thumb
Orfeu Negro

Derrick Sayer See Britain poster Edouard Menta Carnaval de Nice poster PAL Provence poster 1945 Ayame Pyrenees poster 1950 David Klein Germany poster David Klein Rome TWA poster Tatum To the Continent poster Claude Buckle Leamington Spa poster
Derrick Sayer See Britain
Carnaval de Nice
Ayame Pyrenees
David Klein Germany
David Klein Rome
Claude Buckle
 Austin Briggs TWA Chicago poster Jacques Nathan Cunard poster Adelaide then & now poster Wellington then & now poster Paterson: Clyde Shipping poster Clodagh Sparrow poster
Austin Briggs Chicago
Jacques Nathan
Clyde Shipping
Claude Buckle
Clodagh Sparrow
Salvador Dali poster Auvergne Salvador Dali  Alsace. French Railways poster Salvador Dali Normandie poster 1970 Rowland  Hilder poster Beauty of Britain Rowland Hilder poster Beauty of Britain Ludwig Holwein Germany Summer on the Rhine poster Leonard Squirrell Huntingdonshire poster 1950 Frank Newbould Holland via Harwich LNER poster
Salvador Dali Auvergne
Salvador Dali Alsace
Salvador Dali Normandie
Rowland Hilder
Beauty of Britain
Ludwig Holwein Germany
Leonard Squirrell
Frank Newbould
Gordon Nicholl Stratford on Avon British Rail poster Percy Brookshaw poster Lausanne Frederick Herrick poster Norway Reginald Lander poster Wye Valley Fred Taylor poster York 1931 Reginald Lander Porthcawl poster Terence Cuneo Talyllyn Railway poster R. Breslin Ireland poster
G. Nicholl
Percy Brookshaw
F. Herrick
Reginald Lander Wye Valley
Fred Taylor York
Reginald Lander
Terence Cuneo
R. Breslin
Eric Fraser poster Bath Frank Newbould Historic Bath GWR poster Frank Newbould poster Stratford on Avon A. Johnston Devon poster Greek Line poster Frank Mason Copenhagen poster Morocco poster
Eric Fraser Bath
Frank Newbould
A. Johnston
Greek Line
Frank Mason
Sicily poster MessinaSicily poster 1960Sicily poster Trapani
Chemins de Fer poster 1969 The French Alps poster Graham Sutherland poster for Sothern Railway Maurice Logan poster The Alamo Sothern Pacific 1929 Walter Spradbery Ilfracombe poster 1948 Carswell Fleetwood poster 1955
Chemins de Fer
French Alps
Graham Sutherland
Maurice Logan
The Alamo
Walter Spadbery
Austin Cooper poster Peterborough Austin Cooper Bonn LNER poster Austin Cooper Yarmouth LNER poster Reginald lander Dorset & Dorchester poster Reginald LanderKent Coast poster
Austin Cooper
Reginald Lander
Raymond Tooby Madeira & Canaries poster Gregory Brown Lewes poster 1938 Henry Stringer Barmouth poster R. Lampitt Harlech Castle poster
Raymond Tooby
Gregory Brown
Henry Stringer Barmouth
Ronald Lampitt Harlech Castle

Nunnery West Indies Soil Erosion poster Frank Newbould Trinidad Cocoa Estate Spencer Pryse poster Takoradi Harbour; Empire Marketing Board 1928 Spencer Pryse Gold Coast Empire marketing Board poster Empire marketing Board poster Lintott EMB poster
West Indies
Frank Newbould
Trinidad Cocoa Estate
Empire marketing Board
Spencer Pryse
Empire Marketing Board
Empire Marketing Board
Salmon Cannery
Empire Marketing Board
Bullfighting poster 1968 Reginal Mount Venereal Disease Russian Aids poster Rene Lombourk Ligue Maritime poster Terence Cuneo Progress poster 1958 Studio Seven Kent Coast Electrification poster Ralph Mott poster Lorry Services
Bahiestar Bullfighting
Reginald Mount Venereal Disease
Russian Aids
Rene Lonbourk Ligue Maritime
Terence Cuneo
Studio Seven
Ralph Mott
S. T. C. Weeks Savings Certificates poster   Fougasse poster Fougasse Noise poster Fougasse UFAW poster Andrey Amy Johnson poster 1932
S.T.C. Weeks
Savings Certificates
Amy Johnson
Anti-Gambling & Alcohol
Mug's Game Anti-Gambling poster
Anti-Gambling poster
Anti-gambling poster
Jacques Bracquemond Anti-Drink poster
Jacques Bracquemond
Raymond Coxon Tree Felling CEMA poster 1940 James Fitton Pantomime Rodrogo Moynihan Picnic CEMA poster Claude Rogers Cema poster
Raymond Coxon
James Fitton
Rodrigo Moynihan
Claude Rogers
Howard Phipp Whittington Press Summer Show 1988 Paul Colin Jean Sarment poster Frank H Mason National Savings poster
H. Phipp
Whittington Press
Paul Colin
Jean Sarment
Frank H Mason
National Savings

Freddie & the Dreamers poster 1964 Soul in the Bowl poster 1979 Mance Lipscomb handbill 1963 Nina Simone concert poster Christian Aid poster
Freddie & the Dreamers
Soul in the Bowl
Mance Lipscomb
Nina Simone
Folk Festival

Magdalen Mallam's auction poster 1856 Mallams furniture auction poster 18 Studley Mallams auction poster Chislehampton Mallams auction poster 1853 St Ebbs Mallam's auction poster 1853 Eynsham Mallam's auction poster 1855
St Ebbs
Garsington Mallam's auction poster 1853


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