Macao, L’Enfer du Jeu: 1942. but this is a 1950’s-1960’s re-issue.  160 x 120cms (c.63 x 47 inches). Folds, mounted on linen. Issued in USA as Gambling Hell. The film has an interesting history. Filmed in 1939 as “Macao, l’enfer du jeu” with Erich von Stroheim but released in 1942 as “L’enfer du jeu” WITHOUT von Stroheim. His films were banned in all German-occupied countries, so Delannoy, the director, could not release the film. Instead of shelving it, all scenes with von Stroheim were re-shot with Pierre Renoir. The von Stroheim version was re-released in 1945. This may be the 1945 issue but is more probably a 1950’s – 1960’s re-issue. It is not listed in the IMdB entry for Societe Nouvelle des Acacias.